Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks, It is a combination of a mixture of OPC cement quarry post, setting chemicals, and water. After combining all the products, the result is a wet paste. Then, molded into a form of blocks. There are two kinds of concrete blocks, hollow blocks and solid.

Why hollow blocks?

Generally, Hollow blocks have high durability. It is strong and can withstand high pressure and vibration. Hollow blocks can survive in case of any fire scenario. After the completion of the digging of hollow blocks, they don’t need any maintenance. Hence, it results in lower maintenance charges. Some of the other advantages of using hollow blocks

At first, it is of less cost. And also, it reduces the requirement of construction materials. On the whole, it decreases the cost of construction.

Low maintenance:
Not only the reduction in cost, it also requires less maintenance. And hence, lowered maintenance cost.

Has high insulation property:
Hollow blocks play a primary role in preventing cold and heat entering into the building since it has good insulation quality.

Hollow concrete blocks are highly durable. Hence, it bears heavy load and weight

Good bonding:
Hollow blocks enable firm bonding between mortar and plaster.

Rapid Execution of work

Increase in floor area

Reduces construction cost

Better insulation properties

Good bonding of mortar and plaster


Ground shelter construction, Road construction, Bridge girder, etc use hollow blocks.

It also helps to implement Floors, beams, and columns.

Hollow Blocks Sizes

Some of the standard sizes of hallow blocks are as follow:

Hollow blocks
Solid blocks
4″ * 8″ * 16″ 
 6″ * 8″ * 16″8″ * 8″ * 16″
 6″ * 8″ * 12″8″ * 8″ * 12″

Hollow Blocks Price

Solid Block (inch) 12” 6” 8” [ Rs.22 ]

Solid Block (inch) 16” 4” 8” [ Rs.20 ]

Manufacturing of Hollow Blocks