Paver Blocks

It is a decorative way to create a pavement or hardstanding. We can implement paver blocks for driveways, pavement, patios, town centers, precincts, and more usually in path surfacing. It is available in various designs and shapes. And it is a better option for concrete, plain concrete or asphalt.

Why paver blocks?

1. It is easy to fix and install.

2. It does not take much cost and time for maintenance. And hence it is easy to keep.

3. It is reusable since it is flexible and does not meet any breakage.

4. Easy to remove and refit. Therefore it is simple to repair and maintain.


We implement paver blocks in heavy-duty areas, Airports, Public pathways, Residential areas, etc


Durable, Easy to install, Easy to remove, cost effective, High strength

Various paver blocks designs:

Various Designs are available with Sri Meenakshi blocks.

Zig Zag design:

Unique and elegant zig-zag pavers are available with specific size and thickness.


Available in I shape. Which is simple to fix, stable, and durable.

They are eligible to be fixed on Industrial estates, factories, etc.


Square blocks are the exclusive plans for roadside junctions, jogging pathways, etc.

Sizes & Design:

standard sizes:
Thickness – 60mm – zigzag model
Thickness – 80mm – zigzag model

Paver Blocks Price in Madurai:

80mm /sqft [ Rs.36 ]

60mm /sqft [ Rs.30 ]

Manufacturing of Paver Blocks