Fly Ash Bricks

An extreme alternative to clay bricks are Fly Ash Bricks used for the construction of brick handiwork structures. The waste materials from the combustion of coal in Thermal power plant, Quarry Dust, OPC cement, Lime, and Water, etc

Why Fly Ash Bricks?

  • It helps a lot in faster construction of the buildings more than the Clay Bricks.
  • It has a fire-resistance feature. And hence, it assures safety during construction and also lasts long.
  • Also, it is cost-effective when compared to the clay bricks and saves money.
  • It is of high durability. And therefore, it is strong enough against Natural Disasters.
  • It consumes less water for construction.

It is a building material, specifically masonry units. It is made of waste materials that come from the combustion of coal in Thermal power plant Quarry Dust, OPC Cement, Lime, and Water.

Advantages of FlyAsh Bricks

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Lesser cost than clay bricks. Therefore, no upsets about prices.
  • FlyAsh Bricks are highly firm. And hence have high density.
  • Most importantly, It reduces the pollution caused by burnt fly ash.


Many Cement-based products Poured Concrete, Concrete Block, and most probably Portland Cement Concrete (PPC) pavement.


standard size


Price Rate

Nos1 – [ Rs.5 ]

Manufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks